Tag: Bogenhafen


  • Doctor Malthusius

    Excentric owner of the impressively named freakshow visiting the Schaffenfest Platz. Owner of the runaway 3-legged goblin. Currently preparing to leave town in a hurry!

  • Heinz Richter

    The chief town magistrate of Bogenhafen, who initially hired the heroes to enter the sewers and hunt down the runaway mutant goblin. Has currently fallen ill with a mysterious, and seemingly fatal illness that also claimed the life of Karl Teugen two …

  • Greta Harkbokka

    The elderly priestess of Verenna who tends to the temple's substantial library. Exceedingly knowledgeable in the history of Bogenhafen and more than willing to put her temple's resources available for worthy research, in return for a modest donation, of …

  • Franz Steinhäger

    One of the wealthiest and most powerful men in Bogenhafen and head of the Steinhäger family, one of the city's 4 most distinguished and powerful families. Owner of the silk handkerchief that was found in the sinister temple in the sewers, which he claimed …

  • Heinrich Steinhäger

    The younger brother of Franz Steinhäger. Claims to have no knowledge of his brother's sinister dealings and was horrified at the scope of his brother's apparent crime and corruption. Has offered the heroes the princely sum of 800 golden crowns for... …

  • Reiner Goertrin

    The short-tempered, no-nonsense and entirely humourless captain of Bogenhafen's city watch. Is easily riled and quick to take mortal offense. Adamantly denies having met Magistrate Richter prior to him falling ill.

  • Andrea Hartz

    The sweet, young and talkative secretary of Magistrate Richter at the Festival Court. Claims he was last visited by Watch Captain Reiner Goertrin before he fell ill.

  • Unknown Assassin

    An unknown but highly skilled and ruthless killer, possibly in the employ of the Teugen family. Was spotted talking to Anton Breugel briefly before he snapped his neck and tossed him in the river. True identity, face and motivation unknown.